Varna Aquarium

The Aquarium in Varna was built in 1912 and was the idea of King Ferdinand. The extremely original make of the facade combines bas-relief images of a huge seashell and some of the most common species to be seen in the Black Sea waters. It is situated in the south part of Seaside Garden, just 500 m from Viola Apartments. It is the only public aquarium in Bulgaria as part of the Institute of Aquatic Resources.

The central hall of the Aquarium displays an impressive collection of freshwater and sea creatures presented in their natural environment. In several neighbouring rooms there are lay-outs giving a full picture of the flora, fauna and specificities of the Black Sea.

In the other two exhibition halls stuffed representatives from the World Ocean can be seen, the migration of the fish can be traced; the food chain in the sea waters can be visually examined, as well as the structure and characteristics of the Black Sea.  Many types of sea snails, mussels, algae and microorganisms are of great interest.

Furthermore, there is a library with more than 30,000 scientific and technical books, textbooks, periodicals in the field of marine biology, hydrochemistry, oceanography, ichthyology, fishery and fishing industry, maricultures, aquaristics and others. The library preserves unique old books and maps published in the 19 century.

Address: 4 Primorski Boulevard, Seaside Garden
Phone: 052/ 63 20 66

Working time:

(June – September) 09.00 – 20:00

(October – May)  10:00 – 17:00

Ticket Prices:
Adults – 4 BGN
Kids – 1 BGN